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Auction Rules
and Regulations

1. Auction starts at 9:00 am.  Your valid membership card is required in order to receive a lot number.  You must also present your membership card when you perform a buy-back and when you pick up your money. Membership cards are sold/renewed on site.
2. Cash Only -    ALL SALES ARE FINAL.
3. Club tags are to be used on all boxes. These are on sale on site for 25¢ ($5/20). Tags must be on the boxes and filled out completely with all information as well as the lot number before the boxes are brought inside. Mark the sex, any defects and indicate if bird is a hybrid on the tag. Use the red tag for migratory birds. Include permit number for migratory birds and mark pinioned birds.
4. All birds must be visible to the public. Only wire faced boxes will be accepted. No overcrowding. Boxes with wire bottoms or shavings will be refused at the door. NO SICK OR INJURED BIRDS WILL BE SOLD.
5. Commission rates: $2.00 will be charged for all boxes sold between $0.00 and $8.00. For all boxes sold exceeding $8.00, a 15% commission will apply. Buy-Backs subject to a MAXIMUM commission of $5.00 per box.

6. Maximum of 20 boxes per lot.  Members from the same family (ex: husband/wife, parent/child) must have 5 lot numbers between them. Owners are responsible for their own birds throughout the sale.
7. ONLY 6 out of the 20 boxes can be of the SAME BREED of animals or birds.
8. Selling outside will not be tolerated.  If boxes are removed from the lot, before the lot is auctioned,
you will not be allowed to have a lot number at the next auction.

9. Any box that is not bid on and/or not retrieved will automatically become the property of the IPBA.                          
10. Everyone attends the sale at his or her own risk.  Aggressive behaviour, coarse language and/or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.
11. * NEW * Family membership card – Primary member card $20.00 and for any additional cards in order to acquire more than 1 lot will be at the cost of $10.00 each.  (Same address)
12. NO FERRETS, FARM ANIMALS, REPTILES, DOGS or CATS allowed in the hall.

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InterProvincial Bird Association

Association Interprovinciale d'Éleveurs d'Oiseaux
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